Verne Troyer dines in Andiamo Las Vegas


You may recognize  the D Casino Hotel’s recent celebrity visitor, Verne Troyer, as the infamous “Mini-Me” from the Austin Powers film series. They say “go big or go home” and the notoriously funny actor decided to go with the first choice when he sat down at the D’s top-rated restaurant, Andiamo Italian Steakhouse.


I shall call it “giant me”! It was a meal of epic proportions as Verne decided to tackle Andiamo’s signature Tomahawk 32oz Rib-Eye Steak. With a fierce look in his eye, he began to feast on the savory entree. It may have started with a fork and a knife, but Verne ended up grabbing it by the handful towards the end of the meal. Trust us, the pictures don’t do it justice.


Wow, that really is bad to the bone! We aren’t sure if Verne had some help in taking down the monstrous steak, but by the looks of it, Verne is now a member of the clean plate club.

With a full stomach, Verne decided to work off his meal in the casino on the D casino’s celebrity favorite TMZ Slot Machines. Verne is a familiar face on TMZ so of course we spotted him trying his luck. Word spread quickly as fans gathered around the casino to get a high five and photos from their favorite character.


Eventually, actors finish filming, musicians wrap up their recording session, and athletes rest their muscles. When that happens, the D Casino Hotel is your surest bet to spot those famous faces! Only at www.thed.com