NHL Expansion Draft 2017 “Protected List”



1. Frozen Drink Girls


The Frozen Drink Girls bring best-in-class speed and agility to our team; the ideal cocktail for a high-scoring squad.  


2. Flair Bartenders


The Flair Bartenders are gamers- they are skilled in assessing each matchup. Sometimes their quickness is required, but at other times they can grind it out. They possess the speed of the Europeans and the strength of the Canadians/Americans. Their “flair”-ups add extra entertainment!   


3. Dancing Dealers


The Dancing Dealers are the finesse and charisma of our team. They strut the ice with the highest confidence. Their stamina is critical when pulling long shifts, and their artful management of every scenario is a crucial component to our team.  


4. Coney D


Coney D is great between the buns (goal posts). He’s the most flexible player with a great pedigree hailing from Hockeytown in Detroit. He recently celebrated his 100th birthday (not in dog years). We need his level of experience on our Protected List.  


5. Manneken Pis LV


Manneken Pis LV is a great young kid and part of our youth movement.  He may not be the fastest on the ice, but he’s certainly the hardest worker and never misses a shift. His budding potential is still untapped and he is a perfect fit for our Grind Line.


6. Andiamo Meatball


The Andiamo Meatball needs to be protected simply due to winning. When the meatball hits the ice (table) at the #1 restaurant in Vegas, our team has a winning percentage of over 70%.


7. Vegas Vickie


Vegas Vickie is currently on the disabled list. Her veteran Fremont Street experience “kicks” our squad up a notch.


8. Banksy


Banksy is our Captain and also happens to be the only protected choice who played in the NHL. He has 2864 penalty minutes, but he promises to be a goal scorer going forward. He also refused to waive his “No-Movement Clause” from LONGBAR at the D Las Vegas.