Green Bay Packers Quarterback Brett Hundley at Andiamo


Green Bay Packers quarterback Brett Hundley stopped by to try out our award-winning Italian steakhouse, Andiamo. Just look at that 32oz Tomahawk!



Brett Hundley didn’t plan to  keep this awesome dining experience to himself, though. The iconic Rick Harrison, star of History Channel’s hit TV show, “Pawn Stars”, was right there with him! The “sizzling” stars also met with our owner, Derek Stevens, who happens to be a big fan of Brett AND Rick’s work! Nice pose, fellas!



After they finished their meals, they were introduced to the casino’s fun property and lively atmosphere by D Executive, Richard Wilk.


As the men were heading out to explore the rest of downtown Las Vegas, they slipped into the D’s branded stretch limo that reads, “Long on fun, short on ordinary”. Oh, how true that is! Only at TheD.com