UFC hot spot at the D Casino Hotel Las Vegas


All weekends are exciting in Las Vegas, but there’s something exceptionally compelling about UFC weekend! As usual, both the fighters and fans chose the D Casino Hotel as their after-hours party spot

The action started with a visit from experienced UFC Featherweight, Clayton “The Carpenter” Guida! He kicked back at the property’s world famous LONGBAR to witness some mesmerizing flair and delicious drinks done right by the talented Flair Bartenders. Also at the bar were the D’s Owner, Derek Stevens, and wife, Nicole Parthum. The duo welcomed Clay and conversed about his upcoming plans while snapping photos with fans.


In the midst of selfies, a very familiar face, UFC President Dana White walked up to say hi to Derek and Nicole. Small world when the two stars ran into each other and posed for the most monumental photo of the night!

Dana White and Clay Guida weren’t the only UFC stars visiting the D casino hotel that night. Dining at the coveted steakhouse, Andiamo that night; UFC fighter Alessandro Ricci and Boxing Champ / MMA talent Ana Julaton were spotted chowing down on a table full of mouthwatering desserts.



Whether it was a sugar high or an effort to burn off some of those deserved calories, Alessandro and Ana channeled their energy into a fierce action shot in front of the restaurant after their meal!


On those special occasions where athletes indulge in sweet treats, they tend to do it at Andiamo! The stars were joined by their MMA boxing coach, Angelo Reyes, and D Executive, Richard Wilk.


At the D Casino, the night never ends with dinner; it continues at the LONGBAR. We don’t know who was more excited for this photo; Alessandro Ricci or Derek Stevens and Nicole Parthum.


UFC weekend always holds an impressive amount of excitement for stars, guests, and staff and  the D Casino Hotel Las Vegas.  How long will you continue reading about the fun until you live it?